Roy HahnLaw Practice Areas
Real Estate Transactions, IRC 103 Exchange Transactions, Commercial Litigation, Estate Planning, Business Planning, Probate and Trust Administration, Social Security and Medicaid, Elder Law

Admitted to the Bar
1968, Nebraska

Law School
University of Nebraska, J.D., 1968

University of Nebraska, B.A., 1965 (Majors in History, English and Political Science)

Bar Associations
Scottsbluff County, Western Nebraska, Nebraska State (Member, Committees on: Specialization, 1976-1982; Ethics, 1975-1982; Chairman, 1982; Real Estate Practice Guidelines Committee, 1989 to present; Chairman, 2000) and American (Member, Sections on: Corporation, Banking and Business Law, Real Property, Probate and Trust Law, Taxation, Subcommittee and Agriculture, 1979–, Local Government Law, Natural Resources) Bar Associations, American Judicature Society, National Practice Institute, Practicing Law Institute.

Law Instructor, Nebraska Western College, 1969-1972; Educational Director, Nebraska Land Title Association, 1993-2004.

Presentations and Writings for the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA)
“Conveyances by Religious Organizations, Unincorporated Associations and Dissolved Corporations” NCLE 1989.
“Practical & Constructive Uses of an IRC 1031 Exchange” NCLE 1997.
“Digital Signatures for the Nebraska Lawyer” NCLE 1999.
“Issues that Relate to Insuring Accretion” NCLE 2004.
“Financing: Mortgages, Trust Deeds, Land Contracts” NCLE – Red Book, 2005.

Presentations and Writings for the Nebraska Land Title Association (NLTA)
“The Horrors of Insurance Rebating and the Dilemma of Controlled Business” (title, NLTA 1996, 193 pgs.)
“Technology Primers” (I, NLTA 1996, 127 pgs.; II, NLTA 1997, 98 pgs.; III, NLTA 1997, 76 pgs.), which includes vignettes on technology vendor lists, MERS, EDI, government hi-tech, automated mapping, GUI & office organization, and technology tips.
“Common Law-Leins, and Other Mysterious Instruments of Record” (title, NLTA 1997, 104 pgs.)
“RESPA & Federal Law Regulatory Update” (title, NLTA 1997, 91 pgs.)
“Practical & Constructive Uses of an IRC 1031 Exchange” (real property, NCLE 1997, 84 pgs.)
“TechnoPros Information” (title, ALTA 1998)
“Technology Tips” (“Title Technology” magazine, 3/1998)
“Electronic Access for Recorders” (government, NACO 1998)
“Digital Signatures” (title, NLTA 1998, 57 pgs.)
“Year 2000, A Computer Problem for Everyone” (title, NLTA 1998, 78 pgs.)
“LB1321 How it Changes What You Know and What You Do” (title, NLTA 1999, 105 pgs.)
“Paper and Computers at the Nebraska Recorder’s Office” (title, NLTA 1999, 69 pgs.)
“Digital Signatures for the Nebraska Lawyer” (real property, NCLE 1999, 27 pgs.)
“Purchase Money Mortgages” (title, NLTA 1999, 63 pgs.)
“Riparian Water Law-A Primer Course I” (title, NLTA 2000, 38 pgs.)
“Digital/Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records” (title, NLTA 2000, 103 pgs.)
“MISMO (Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organizations)” (title, NLTA 2000, 15 pgs.)
“Predatory Lending Should Interest Title People” (title, NLTA 2000, 13 pgs.)
“Unbundling of Title Insurance Rates in Florida, and What This Might Mean for Nebraska” (title, NLTA 2001, 47 pgs.)
“Nebraska Entity Conveyancing (Law and Practice #1)” (title, NLTA 2001, 102 pgs.)
“Privacy, Courtesy Gramm-Leach-Bliley” (title, NLTA 2001, 39 pgs.)
“General Technology Dictionary, Part I” (title, NLTA 2001, 55 pgs.)
“Surveying Related Definitions and Principles, Part I” (title, NLTA 2002, 67 pgs.)
“Alternate Title Products and Mortgage Impairment, Products” (title, NLTA 2002, 83 pgs.)
“HUD is Coming To A Conclusion on Revising Section 8″ (title, NLTA 2002, 67 pgs.)
“Alternate Title Products “ATP” Revisit-Review-React” (title, NLTA 2002, 26 pgs.)
“MERS This Electronic Initiative Comes of Age” (title, NLTA 2002, 6 pgs.)
“General Technology Dictionary, Part II” (title, NLTA 2002, 68 pgs.)
“The Title Person’s Environment”, scenarios on: “Lead Based Paint (LBP)”, “Underground Storage Tanks (UST)”, “Environmental Assessment and Due Diligence”, and “Environmental Protection Liens – Form 8.1″ (title, NLTA 2003, 73 pgs.)
“RESPA Case Review, The Important Ones Which Describe Conduct” (title, NLTA 2003, 54 pgs.)
“RESPA Reform After 10/28/02″ (title, NLTA 2003, 97 pgs.)
“Privacy from P to Y” (title, NLTA 2004, 74 pgs.)
“Privacy Issues – Privacy Law 2007″ (title, NLTA 2007, 79 pgs.)

During the ten year directorship of all the education for the Nebraska Land Title Association, the responsibility to direct all of it’s twice yearly educational sessions, included the writing and presentation of papers that are referred to just above. These listed are only the formal presentations and papers.

Professional Associations
Nebraska Registered Abstract, since 1982.
Nebraska Title Insurance Agent, since 1982.
Federation of Exchange Accommodators, member.
Commissioned Stephen’s Minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.