Our law firm had its origin in 1982, and has grown and evolved through mergers with experienced lawyers to its present makeup. The firm today consists of seasoned attorneys, each with different areas of expertise, associate attorneys, and a staff of legal assistants. Our attorneys offer clients over 90 years of collective legal experience and our mission is to provide our clients with quality representation of, and personal attention to, their legal issues. We represent clients from the tri-states of Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado.

As the description of our practice areas demonstrates, we provide a broad range of legal services to our clients. A description of practice areas does not substitute for direct dialogue, however, and you are invited to contact us whether or not your particular legal issue is specifically described. We state with confidence that we have the right attorney for you and the necessary staff to handle your legal matter in a competent and professional manner. In the unlikely event we are unable to represent you, on request, we will assist you with an appropriate referral.

We strive for the development of close working relationships with our clients and your satisfaction with the services we provide is of singular importance to us.